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The Cycle Syncing® Supplements

The Cycle Syncing® Supplements

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Menstruating women have four unique phases in each cycle: the fatigue-filled follicular phase, the slow-metabolizing ovulatory phase, the moody sugar-craving luteal phase, and the crampy, stressed-out menstrual phase. Our Cycle Syncing Supplement Kit—made of herbs, adaptogens, and superfoods—was created to help you work with your cycle to harness the power of your female biology and feel your best across every phase.

  • Support your follicular phase and balance blood sugar levels for more energy with Ubiquinol 
  • Clear out excess estrogen and stimulate metabolism during the ovulatory phase with DIM
  • Stabilize blood-sugar levels, reduce stress, and boost energy in the luteal phase with Chromium and more
  • Reduce cramps, replenish nutrients, and support immunity during the menstruation phase with an herbal blend of quercetin and nettles
6-month supply.


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